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Frequently Asked Questions
expand I've called the police! How long before I get the police here?
expand When do I call 911?
expand I've locked my keys in the car! Can you help me?
expand Somebody stole my license plate! Will you take the report?
expand How do I call Animal Control?
expand Can I make a report with the Ferndale Police Department if the crime or accident occurred outside the city?
expand How much will my bond be?
expand Can you tell me if someone has been arrested?
expand How do I get a copy of a police report?
expand When can I make a missing person report?
expand How do I get a Personal Protection Order (PPO)?
expand The court ordered me to submit to regular Preliminary Breath Tests (PBTs), can you help me?
expand I let my friend stay with me for a few days and now he/she won't leave! Can you throw him/her out for me?
expand Where do I register my gun?
expand Where do I go for police clearance?