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Youth Bureau

The Youth Detective investigates all complaints involving juvenile offenders and assists in many adult cases where a juvenile is the victim of a crime. The Youth Detective counsels juveniles and their parents in situations where the juvenile has been arrested or accused of committing a crime. The juvenile detective has to determine what is the best course of action that should be taken. This ranges from petitioning the juvenile to court for formal or informal action, referring the juvenile to youth assistance or simply warning or counseling the juvenile.

Other duties of the Youth Detective include:

  • Attends school functions, such as sporting events and graduations, to ensure the safety of students and visitors to those events.
  • Assists the School Liaison Officer in any potential problems that may occur at the high school or middle school.
  • Serves as a liaison to the elementary schools in the district and assists with coordinating any conferences with the police department that are needed.
  • Conducts conferences with principals, teachers and parents involving problems with students that fall short of being criminal in nature.
  • Assists the other detectives with the adult caseload and is assigned duty weekends. This includes being on call and obtaining warrants during weekend hours.