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Uniform Patrol Division
Patrol DivisionThe Uniform Patrol Division is the backbone of the police department. Patrol Division personnel are the first responders to any call for service; they also discover crimes in progress and citizens in need. In essence the Patrol Division is the starting point for nearly every prosecution that emanates from this agency.

When a crime has been reported to, or discovered by, a patrol officer the responding officers investigate the circumstances as much as possible. The information obtained, in the form of police reports, is forwarded to the appropriate personnel for further investigating. The Detective Bureau examines criminal cases, the Traffic Control Officer manages traffic reports, and administrative issues are forwarded to the offices of the Chief or Captain.

The Patrol Division also acts as the "eyes and ears" for the other city departments and services. The Patrol Division reports code violations to the fire and code enforcement departments. Patrol officers routinely observe road conditions and other issues that are then relayed to public works. In short the patrol division is the first point of contact for the community on most quality of life issues. The Patrol Division is the hub for all city of Ferndale services.